NFT Records as an innovative NFT powered record label

…is working with creative artists and musicians to sell direct to fan NFTs.
– Get a in-depth valuation of your music catalogue
– Release capital from published and unpublished tracks.

Utilising analytics from DSPs, chart shows and in-depth publishing and royalty data from sound exchanges.

– Allowing record producers/artists/labels to make decisive moves with their secured rights to release music as NFTs.

Fund your next campaign, come and speak with our team and create NFT-Rs from your existing and future catalogues.

NFT Records links to established NFT marketplaces for creators to offer audio collectibles.

NFT Records utilises compliance bridges to licensing, sale and distribution your audio NFTs, including production of artists cryptocurrency, NFTs and Defi campaigns.





NFT-Rs are sold at various marketplaces via a partnership with the only multiple marketplace sales provider – NFTable.